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Obligatory Blog: Oblogatory

Hey readers! Bloggity blog blog blog! The 2017 Edition.

Is there a word for forward thinking nostalgia? There should be. That sort of fuzzy feeling you get at the beginning of the year when you are already imagining what it will be like to look back with pride at all the things you are only now promising to accomplish. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. The last couple years I've decided I'm no longer going to be painfully sentimental. I'll go easy on myself. I'll forgive myself for inevitably breaking the resolutions that I set with renewed confidence. I won't kid myself anymore. My to-do lists always have some final entry that remains uncrossed.

While I've proven myself capable and achieved some reasonable success in this late-academic-still-a-student life, one aspect still alludes me: good habits. I can't create a good habit to save my life, which, in all honesty, it probably could do eventually. Just once I'd love to complete a 30 day challenge, or repeat something with the frequency that finally becomes a part of me so that if I don't do it one day or week, I'll feel incomplete. Order, routine, reliance. I'd love me some of that. 

So, here I go again. Another early January, another blog. Another new notebook, another list of goals and resolutions. So far so good.